5 Things You Didnt Know About Me

I love to always share with you guys more and more so you can as much about me as possible  . You ask me questions all the time and sometimes its through email or DM’s so maybe here I can share with you a few things you might be curious to know.

1. I moved away from home at 16 years old

After I lost my father , my mom found it difficult to take care of me , well frankly because I wasn’t an easy kid . I got in trouble all the time and rules meant nothing to me . So the day I graduated she told me that I needed to start caring for myself and I needed to get a job . Harsh I know , but my mom is a fierce arabic woman and she was tired of my bullshit . I thank her now but I probably hated her then to be honest.

We were living in the UAE then . So the day after the ceremony at my school , I packed up my bags and flew to the USA for the first time . I got three jobs as a waitress and began life as an adult. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do, for sure,  but has shaped me into the person I am now .

2.I am from a small town in Lebanon called Tripoli

I grew up in a neighbourhood called “Mina” which is Arabic for the word “Port”. I know what you might be thinking …. and the answer is No. It wasn’t the kind port you would think of. Not one filled with yachts and luxury boats. It was actually a port for fishermen . They would set out for days and sometimes months to catch fish and then sell them at local markets for a living. We had a little apartment over the local market and had little to nothing . I don’t even think we had a car! But that town represents my childhood memories with my dad and will always be close to my heart .

3. I worked as a salesperson for a vitamin company

I got hired to be an assistant at a vitamin company and then worked my way up to then later become a salesperson and a social media brand builder. This then lead up to what I do now , for my own brand !

4. I started doing social media content creation full time about two years ago

When I wanted to quit my job at the vitamin company my friends thought I was crazy , the money was so good and after working three jobs before, I really should have just put my feet up and relaxed for a little bit. But I didn’t want that . The world of creativity started opening up in front of me and this new dream of traveling and sharing images, my visions , and my words publicly became a beautiful outlet for my soul and an absolute dreams . I’m now so happy that I made that crazy decision before to leave my job

5. I used to be afraid of heights

After I started travelling the world and sharing experiences and adventures with you guys , new doors of my mind started opening up, what I used to fear before now started becoming something I wanted to do on purpose to challenge myself . I started finding hiking and rock climbing to be invigorating . Which then lead up to me pushing myself to do the thing I would have never dared to do before : Skydiving . I now am so thankful that I pushed myself that way because I discovered a new passion that I now dedicate alot of my days to . Never stop pushing yourself and opening your mind t change !

I hope you guys liked this article , comment your thoughts and if you guys want to share anything with me, I always read every single one of your comments !