Bali: My Take On This Paradise

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Our Bali Experience was somewhat of a mix between being kicked out of our minds and into nature’s reality. It’s like the most pleasant massage you’ve ever had. The overall energy there is like a combined light of faith radiating from every home , every hut, field, restaurants, etc… It radiates into a huge bubble that makes Bali a ward of deep energy and karma. Both good and bad. When you bring positivity to Bali, Bali gives you the same back with a bonus kiss on the cheek. If you bring negativity or dare to let one of your bad thoughts elaborate on itself, Bali will kick you in the shin and give you a high dose of your own bad vibe back .

Go to Bali. It is an incredibly enriching experience for your soul. Whatever walk of life you come from , make sure to leave your bullshit back home and only gather your good vibes, pleasant energy and good company, (and a huge smile, if you’re not a smiler you’ll probably learn to be here) . This is a heaven of humbleness, gratuity, smiling faces, beaming hard workers and all around love. If you don’t come with two of these you’re very likely to fall in a pothole as you walk down the street minding your own pissy business . So be kind, and go to Bali with a good spirit.

The combined love and trust in Balinese tradition here is beyond astounding. The temples have a clean and crisp air to them as if surrounded by bright energy, even in the midst of the humidity and intense heat. The people don’t complain, they just love and accept. They have an entire book of stories just in their eyes. Their homes perfectly made into stunning sanctuaries, their children taught to wave and smile from their schools as you pass by . Their religions all accepted, embraced and celebrated with weekly ceremonies. Ceremonies included burning of inscents everywhere (and I mean literally EVERYWHERE), dances, marches, gatherings, and prayers in the streets. I felt like I had a family and it consisted of every Balinese person in Bali.

Well, I’m actually writing this from my new villa in Canguu . Yes I came back, now that I became more familiar with this island. I like to stay in Canguu because it’s like a little surfer’s home with amazing chill vibes, small boutique decked out cafes with colorful mosaic inspired art and balinese accents. If you come here, stay in Canguu !