The Best Things I NEVER Ate

The Best Things I NEVER Ate I wanted to write this blog post to share with you guys my experience with food and hope that writing this article helps you in your own journey to better your body and your mind .       We always hear about people being allergic to things. You […]

My Remedies For Dry Hair And Skin

My Remedies For Dry Hair And Skin Skin & Hair secrets you’ll wanna know Falling through the sky, I have one million things going through my head, none of them including my hair. After being literally tossed and turned amidst high whipping winds , (not complaining here because that’s the funnest part) I pull my […]

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

5 Things You Didnt Know About Me I love to always share with you guys more and more so you can as much about me as possible  . You ask me questions all the time and sometimes its through email or DM’s so maybe here I can share with you a few things you might […]

How I Cope With Stress And Practice Calmness

How I Cope With Stress And Practice Calmness You’re following Oliver and I and you’re watching our stories… you may have picked up that we travel a lot. You’re right. But if it seems like our life is one huge long ass vacation, I’d like to tell you that 99% of our travel is for […]

The Tennis Mom

THE TENNIS MOM I recently realised that there aren’t any good “mom” clothes out there. That’s probably because we don’t feel as sexy anymore. As new moms we’ve just been through a whole lot and being sexy or feeling good isn’t really on the bar anymore. It shouldn’t be that way. To be honest, with […]