Chicago Talks

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This look was inspired by the fact that Zimmerman is one of my favorite designers, so naturally, I would say everything by Zimmerman belongs on my skin. It was also inspired by the effortlessly cool North Chicago vibe. This city is interesting, it oozes chic elegance and history but still keeps the deep street “hometown” feel. The people are amazing here, they’re chatty and inviting, and they certainly won’t hesitate to give you a whole spiel on what to do and where to go. You’ll find stunning sunsets almost everyday this time of year and, trust me, there’s nothing more sensational and inspiring than a Chicago sunset.

There is a blues-y note to Chicago. It feels festive and musical. The warm breezy summer nights here made me start to think I might be a city girl after all. Although I do think I’m lucky I got to experience the warm part of the year. Every uber driver and local made sure to tell me how lucky we were to never have experienced winter here. My response was it might be worth it for the delectable pizza, the mind blowing fried chicken spots and the family owned hole-in-the-wall restaurants that made my standards of yummy food skyrocket.

I love you Chicago !

Romper: Zimmerman

Shoes: Kanye West season 2

Bag: Yves Saint Laurent

Photography: Juhsto (

Sunglasses: Vera Wang