My Remedies For Dry Hair And Skin

Skin & Hair secrets you’ll wanna know

Falling through the sky, I have one million things going through my head, none of them including my hair. After being literally tossed and turned amidst high whipping winds , (not complaining here because that’s the funnest part) I pull my parachute. I wish there was someone around to document what state I’m in at this point. Other than being filled with utter euphoria and adrenaline seeping into why veins, I look amn absolute mess. There are some hairs that have snuck to the back of my throat and glued themselves to my eyeball . My skin has already peeled off an entire layer that I’ve been working so hard on moisturising for the past month , and all I can feel is my breath steaming up the inside of my helmet and the rushing thoughts of the fact that there isn’t enough serum in the world to fix this state. Yet I jump 12 more times that same day. Yes I’ll be feeling the repercussions tomorrow – but thankfully, they’re totally manageable.

As I’ve learned the hard way, not all hair and skin products are my best friend. At least, that’s what more than a few harsh formulas have taught me over the years.  With color treated hair, dry skin , London winters, and a naturally dry scalp, I have covered my tresses with any product I can get my hands on. Only through trial-and-error, I found the perfect regimen -and alternatives- for my locks and my dry skin . I’ve linked all of them below so you can click on the titles of the products to shop them straight from here 🙂

Who knew dandruff shampoo could be so stylish? Oribe’s chic and classy pale-pink bottle is the perfect accessory to any shower.  Not only does this formula have Oribe’s signature scent, but it manages to treat my scalp and hair without stripping it of its necessary nutrients: that other dandruff shampoos are prone to do. With 2% salicylic acid in the formula and beta hydroxy acid, Serene Scalp has been highly effective at removing dead keratin, a.k.a. the dandruff, while maintaining my color.

Though you shouldn’t rid of shampooing from your hair routine, using a cleansing conditioner twice a week, or in between washes, can make a huge difference in the manageability and texture of your strands. Rather than stripping your hair of its natural oils every wash, R+Co Analog cleans your strands of dirt and buildup without ridding of good oils. I love using this product when I’m in a rush; it’s only one step, it smells amazing, and it helps with my frizz.

If you’re looking for an affordable all-in-one styling product that combats frizz and heat, Navy Hair Care is worth trying. I personally use this product when I’m looking to transform my wind-blown hair to beach curls for a night out.  By applying the Style Perfecter spray from the roots to the ends it combats my current frizz and protects against heat styling.  As well, it’s free of sulfates, parabens, mineral oils, phthalates and petrolatum.

I love to pamper myself a couple times a week; who doesn’t? During those dry months I’m found having a relationship with my straightener, trying to combat frizz and smooth coarse textures. In order to balance this more excessive heat use I gravitate towards drugstore products. I apply the thick pudding like whip to my hair, concentrating it on my ends, and leave the strands soaking for about ten minutes. The rich formula smoothes and helps restore broken bonds and split-ends.

Like the hundreds of other products that promise to “heal” our hair, the reality sets in that those formulas just gloss your strands only improving the immediate texture, but not actually manipulating the actual structure. If you’ve bleached your hair or lightened it within the past couple years, there’s no doubt that you have heard of Olaplex. Having been steadily introduced to the hair community, many praise its ability to allow them to do what they want with their strands without the worries of permanently damaging their locks.  While steps No. 1 and No. 2 are more specific towards professional use, No. 3 is an at home treatment that can be used once a week to coat strands and restore keratins that have been damaged by heat styling, coloring or the weather.

No. 3 has been a lifesaver for me, for I’m no stranger to balayages and highlights. The recommended 30 minutes is advised for most, but I like to keep it on my hair for about an hour, really allowing the formula to soak in while I do my usual tasks around the house. The end result always comes out looking, non-greasy, weightless, and healthy — really offering everything and more that I could ask for in a treatment.

This instant scalp rebalancing treatment uses Patented Hydrogel Time Release Technology to moisturize — leaving dry, irritated scalps soothed and hydrated. This formula is infused with natural ingredients like Apple Cider Vinegar to rebalance and antioxidant-rich Yuzu Lemon Extract to nourish. I adore its non-greasy formula and tend to spray it on my pre-styled, dry hair when the seasons brings itchy scalps.

For My Skin...

I have gravitated to Elemis so much since I’ve been putting my skin through multiple types of weather. They truly know what hydration is. This Day cream sits so well under makeup and keeps a nice silky layer of hydration that can put up with harsh English weather. I think the secret to a good day is a good day cream! Because of its texture I like to use a light serum under it (preferably the superfood facial oil by Elemis) and then have that as thin layer on top. Its like a perfect marriage and it does wonders!

Hope this helps you guys, I hope my years of trial and error can save you some time and help you get to the result you need. Do you like this post? Please comment and let me know if you like when I share these with you!

 Imagine after your skin care routine of exfoliating all the dirt our of your pores and scrubbing away life’s grimey residue what you’re skin (if it had a voice) would want. I feel like this product is the perfect last step of cleansing but this time it feels like draping your skin in a stunningly effervescent pillow of comfort. It is soft, delicate, a treat for the senses and most importantly the perfect way to cleanse your pores without having to weather away layers of skin. It leaves your face with an unbelievably soft texture. I don’t think I can ever go to bed without this one. You’ll know what I mean when you try it.