First Time In Mykonos

Our trip to Mykonos wasn’t the usual story you’d hear.  Most of the time you hear it being a destination for bachelor or bachelorette parties, bridal showers, or just party people wanting to let their hair down.

It was my first time there actually, and for once I didn’t set any expectations. I went with my other half who had experienced Mykonos on a layover or during a veery short trip. So we both had somewhat of a blank canvas.

First thing we both noticed is this isn’t a place you want to rent a car. Firstly because you would need to be an impeccable maneuverer of narrow streets and rocky one ways. So for me that’s an instant pass. However it is important to know that there are apparently only 50 taxis in the whole island. So it would be wise to prebook or premier a car so your plans don’t get ruined waiting around for cars. We were lucky that our hotel arranged a car for us after we gave them our itinerary which made everything easier.

We stayed at Tagoo Black, a boutique brand new hotel with a whimsical romantic vibe and a serene view. It was a 5-8 minute walk from the town which was very ideal. I could pop in and out of the town for a little shopping without having to organise transport. We didn’t really go to the town before 5pm though. The hotel had everything we needed.

On one of the days we rented ATV’s. It’s kind of the thing you always think of when you think of a greek adventure right? However we were super unlucky with the weather that day. While it was extremely windy almost every day, it was exceptionally windy that particular day. Painfully and with stubborn will we powered through and rode all the way to the Mykonos town center. Looking back now do we think it was worth it? Maybe it would have been, had the town not been very quiet and everything closed. We did however get lucky and walk into a mom and pops restaurant which served us the most mouth watering authentic Gyro meat.

***Gyro is pronounced “YEE-RO” by the way, so please don’t say GYRO like GYROscope because I think you’d be butchering it.

All in all this was the one of most romantic, vibing, upbeat, and refreshing cultures. I know that this is somewhat of a touristy place but I think just telling by what you feel when immersed in a greek town I can feel myself becoming immensely curious on what the other islands have to offer.