The Best Things I NEVER Ate

I wanted to write this blog post to share with you guys my experience with food and hope that writing this article helps you in your own journey to better your body and your mind .

      We always hear about people being allergic to things. You yourself may be allergic to something . You eat an accidental peanut and someone needs to be there to stab you with an EpiPen or else you’re toast . You also always hear about things being “healthy”-  non fat – non dairy- non gluten- non-GMO- non everything labels on every isle. It gets confusing sure, but the most important thing that people are missing is this : INTOLERANCES.

Hear me out , you could walk down isle 3 and pride yourself of having just spent half your rent on buying these amazing cereals that are sugar free, full of bran , grains , oats seeds and whatnot . You also happened to buy a few health bars, maybe even stopped by the veg section and bought everything organic you can reach . Those are all really healthy things that will help you lose weight right? Wrong . I’ll tell you why .

About a year ago I discovered that all kinds of foods can be poison if you don’t know what your body is willing to process. Any food, even if it is supposed to be the healthiest thing in the world can be your worst enemy if you’re intolerant to it  .

So last January I was on a massive health kick where I was  jumping out of bed too damn early it was probably the reason I was oh very single . I would get up and make myself a the greenest juice possible , took my vitamins one of which included the Vitamin “Zinc” which you might have heard of of course . In my head I was a superhero and I was healthy as can be .  After the juice I would hit the gym . About 45 minutes in,  the juice had settled and I somehow had this weird protruding bloated lower belly and itchy elbows. “Weird” , I thought. “Must be some new detergent I’m using that’s making me itch” I assumed all kinds of things . The bloating? I thought it must be my birth control..

Turns out I was intolerant to Spinach . My juice was 65% spinach. Guess what ? I was also intolerant to Zinc. Go figure .  How did I find out ? I took a test online (one of those ones where you send a hair sample in and they mail you your results, there are many other kinds of tests that you can google) , and my results  came back with shocking news. I was intolerant to a lot of things that I was eating daily, like eggs, wheat flour (which is in EVERYTHING) , spinach , lamb, artichokes, cashew milk , and guess what? oats, barley, and most grains… So basically this explained why every time I had oatmeal I wanted to die . The stomach spasm were horrible.

So not only was I not exactly being healthy consuming these everyday without knowing , but I was doing a number on my skin too. I had dry itchy and very flakey knees and elbows . I  kept thinking “jesus my moisturiser must suck” .

My doctor then told me that intolerances are like mild allergies that won’t kill you but surely will affect you and you sometimes won’t even notice. You could have been eating apples your whole life and not realising that it was hard for your gut to digest it and it was causing you to be constipated! Your metabolic rate could be constantly being stunted, your skin constantly in a mild inflammation stage and you even could be losing hair .

My advice is : get an intolerance test ASAP. Your gut will thank you and you might eventually come back and thank me for this article .

I  attached my intolerance test results to show you what it looked like . The higher the percentage , the more difficult it is for my gut to digest and accept that kind of food.

I hope this helps you in some way  , please comment and let me know if you have any questions xx