I recently realised that there aren’t any good “mom” clothes out there. That’s probably because we don’t feel as sexy anymore. As new moms we’ve just been through a whole lot and being sexy or feeling good isn’t really on the bar anymore.

It shouldn’t be that way. To be honest, with my collab with revolve, that’s what I had in mind. They asked me to look through their website and choose a cute look and I for some reason kept saying to myself: ” I can’t wear that, I’m a mom!”

In my opinion it shouldn’t be that birthing a human and creating life should ever make us insecure. It should make us more secure if anything. I shot these simple looks for revolve but I have these heavy and very important words to say. WE AS MOMS SHOULDN’T FEEL LIKE WE CAN’T WEAR CERTAIN THINGS. It’s not right no matter what bodies we have now or what we had before . Self love should come along with motherhood not dwindle away.

Life should become more risky and more gorgeous now. Let’s still wear and rock what we always wore and rocked. That’s why I love revolve. They have literally everything. And all we have to do is a service to ourselves and just. be … confident..