Tokyo's Blessing

There’s nothing more humbling than watching other people humble themselves. The beauty in culture , and especially one as old and substantial as Japan’s, is you see what humans have created over hundreds of years to maintain faith , hope, etiquette and belief. Every culture has its way of keeping its people sane , content and united.

We attended this incredible fire ceremony yesterday at a temple in Koto-ku . Now before you keep reading remember I am new to this, i’m not an expert and I certainly am not an encyclopedia (pretty sure I even spelled this word wrong) so what you’re going to read is a view of an outsider and an experience from a first time visitor.

The ceremony was anything but silent and serene – giant taiko drums are beat throughout the ceremony with athletic prowess, and prayer sticks are burned in a giant bonfire right in front of the altar. People then gathered in a perfectly straight and respectful line waiting to hand their belongings to one of the priests so he can hold them close to the fire to be blessed. Something so incredible comes to your mind when you think how many years it took to create a ritual like this.

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