Where To Stay In London

If you followed for a while you would know that I live about 2 and a half hours north of London . So even after almost 4 years of living in England , I’m still a tourist when I go to London . I stay in Airbnb’s and hotels and sometimes friend’s homes . So I’ve experienced London from a traveling point of view hundreds of times.

It didn’t take me long to learn that where you stay in London is probably the most incredibly vital thing you do on your trip . Doesn’t even matter where you eat or what your plan is, if where you’re staying isn’t in the correct location , yes sir you are screwed . Why you ask ? Because London is a magnificent , utterly stunning combination of breathtaking and complete shit show . So you could experience the heavy traffic , crowded streets , shoulder to shoulder crossroads, and complete lack of personal space OR you could experience a completely different kind of London. Vast streets , stunning parks, breathtaking architecture, the ability to walk to everything, AND the incredible food on every corner. So yes location is everything . You need to stay somewhere close to a good tube station , near good food, away from noisy congested streets yet close to the central buzz but far from touristy loud crowds. Sounds complicated right? Not really . I’m going to share with you my favourite spot in London that has it all and its in a perfect area thats reachable to everything but away from the mess. Kensington is where you want to be .

Buckingham and Lloyds offer a great choice of living. Its like a private hotel, fully furnished, fully taken care of during your stay and equipped with everything you need. Ever since I discovered these guys, I never stay anywhere else. I thought I’d share this on my blog because I can’t tell you how many times I get asked “where should I stay in London”. There are too many options and too many availabilities which is actually a curse because you could be tempted by a cheap hotel but end up having to do an absolute journey to get anywhere.

Here, I’m sharing with you some images to show you the vibe of this 3 bedroom we stayed in. It’s so homey, so cosy and so perfectly situated near everything we needed. Check them out when you’re next in town!