Yosemite With Morgan Phillips

My job is pretty amazing. I get to meet artists around the world and work with them . Nothing is more inspiring than sharing knowledge of art with photographers and other artists.  I reached out Morgan Philips through Instagram and we decided to go to Yosemite and capture the art of the location together. I describe him as an artist not a photographer because he can capture nature’s moments better than anyone else. Usually when you see something with your eyes , it’s very hard to show the exact same effect in a photo. Those are the moments that make me go “this one is just for the eyes” . I usually sit down to watch it because I can’t possibly attempt to translate it with my camera lens. It almost never does it justice. Morgan , on the other hand, is one of those artists who truly can grasp that moment with his lens.

See some of the moments he captured here as well as some I captured myself when he was mentoring me . How lucky am I, right?


My captures: